Why we choose Colorbond-


Increases the value of your property

Premium Design

COLORBOND® steel offers a diverse range of colours; from cool Evening Haze to rich Manor Red, there are 22 shades for you to choose from when designing your steel shed or home.

COLORBOND® steel brings flexibility and durability to your building which is needed in our harsh, Australian environments. The range has been developed in Australia to give design versatility and suit a wide range of environments.


Tried & Tested in Australia

Our buildings face challenging weather conditions daily throughout Australia; from extremes of hot and cold, to dust, rain wind and hail.

All COLORBOND® steel endures testing against corrosion, durability, exposure and application to be sure it can be used across an assortment of building and manufacturing applications. Throughout Australia across tropical, industrial and marine environments there are over 12,000 COLORBOND® steel panels facing these factors daily to prove the resilience of COLORBOND® steel.


Easy Case & Maintenance

COLORBOND® steel is easily maintained through regular washing with clean, fresh water. Regular upkeep prolongs the life of the steel and maintains its look for longer.


Five Layers of Protection

COLORBOND® steel is manufactured in Australia to Australian standards and tested in some of the harshest Australian conditions proving that COLORBOND® steel is more than just ‘paint on steel’.

  1. Steel base: The base is manufactured to meet Australian standards and guarantees adherence to grades and strengths.

  2. Base coating: The base is then coated in a metallic coating to provide enhanced corrosion resistance.

  3. Pre-treatment: A thin layer of pre-treatment is applied to provide better corrosion resistance.

  4. Primer: A corrosion blocking primer is then baked onto the surface of the steel.

  5. COLORBOND® topcoat: An exterior grade and specially developed paint is then basked on which fights chipping, flaking and blistering.  


Optimum Fire Protection

If you live in an area prone to bushfire COLORBOND® steel may help protect your property and assets.

Research into residential fencing and it’s performance in bushfires found that steel fences offer greater protection to property against bushfires than other materials due it’s non-combustibility.

COLORBOND® steel roofing, walling, gutters and downpipes are also bushfire compliant.